Going Outside The Norm To Find Atlanta GA News

Does it ever seem to you that Atlanta GA news providers aren’t really covering anything you’re interested in? As with much of the country’s media, a lot of Atlanta news reports seem to focus on whatever the most negative and tragic stories might be for the day. It sometimes feels as if there’s little more besides bad news.

Although there are a lot of tragic events going on each day, that’s hardly the defining element of what life is really like in the city. There are even more positive experiences to be had, and it’s sadly mandatory to go out of your way to find them a lot of the time. Keeping that in mind, consider using some of the sources below if you’d like to find some more positive bits of Atlanta news:

• Twitter

Bookmark Twitter or download the app on your phone and start searching the Atlanta hashtag. (Variants like “Hotlanta” or “ATL” might be useful as well.) If something worth talking about is going on at the moment, you should be able to find out about it within seconds. When it comes to really keeping up with the flow of current events, Twitter is the king.

• Facebook

Facebook still has its place however. Its real strength lies within its group feature, and the ability for every entity within the city to have its own dedicated page. If you can build a large enough friends list, you’ll also likely receive quite a few event invitations. Some probably won’t be in your wheelhouse, but there will be plenty that might actually intrigue you.

• Reddit

Reddit is one of the leading websites when it comes to finding the internet’s most relevant links and news stories at any given time. While it’s fairly all encompassing, it’s made up of a lot of smaller communities. Naturally, there’s an Atlanta section with lots of interesting tidbits to follow.